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Introducing 'Restitched: Recapped!'

This December, we'll be launching a brand-new exciting feature: Restitched: Recapped!

It's clear that you love to see behind-the-scenes work towards Restitched. In fact, the Restitched: Dev Diary feature is by far our most popular feature on trixel+.

While the Dev Diary feature offers carefully curated and in-depth articles spanning the entire development history, Restitched: Recapped! offers a more personal and casual insight into the team. This new feature explores the progress that took place on Restitched the previous month. You'll often see work-in-progress content, team discussions, development images, concepts, and more. These posts could be just one paragraph long, or a complete article!

A massive influence behind this series was the recent trixel+ feedback form. It was clear that you want more transparency from us, and want to see more from our individual developers.

Well, rest assured, we heard you! These new posts will be available first on trixel+, and will remain exclusive for only two weeks, before being posted in full here on the Trixel Creative website.

The first of this brand-new series will be posted during December 2021, summarizing a few of the developments that were made during the previous month!

We're so excited to share this new feature with you - see you soon!


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