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Restitched: Style-A-Stuffy Contest Winners

...and here we are! The second Restitched community contest has finally come to an end. Our judges ranked each entry in terms of Relevance, Personal, Compatibility, Creativity and Versatility, and their scores have all been tallied.

Before we get to announcing the winners, we'd like to thank you, our community, for your overwhelming support. We received close to 40 different amazing entries, each one unique in their own way. Unlike our other contests, all of our entries were publicly on display on our contest page, which has inspired lovely discussions and encouraging feedback loops on our Discord server. You can join our Discord by clicking here.

If your entry hasn't been chosen as a winner here, don't fret! Our Lead Modeler Ozy has expressed interest in taking inspiration from many of the other submitted designs, so your idea may still find its way into the game some day...

Without further ado, let's announce our winners!

Yes, that's right winners - plural! We were going to pick one entry, but due to our overwhelming love for all of your submissions, we decided to settle on three! Well, third-place was a tie, so we've picking four! Take that, previous contest specifications!

Congratulations to Darbot, Mélissa EMERY, BLUE KiWi and AmberKat! Your respective entries of 'Inconspicuous Rat', 'Baby Stuffy', 'Star Catcher Sam' and 'Masked Mage' will be in Restitched at launch! Additionally, your names will be included in the credits, and you will each receive the 'Event Winner!' role on our Discord server along with stickers via mail!

We can't wait to play around with these outfits in-game! Make sure to follow our social channels to view the development of these costumes as we make them! That's right, you won't have to wait for the Recapped! posts to view the progress on these fashionable garbs.

Thank you again to all of you that submitted designs, shared our posts, and discussed the entries on our social platforms. We are eternally grateful for your support! Cheerio!


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Feb 19, 2022


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