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The Trixel Creative Store Returns!

After an extended absence from our website, we've listened to the community and have relaunched the "Store" page - now with new products! While this is just a small way to support us, we appreciate the representation and think it's neat to offer a physical piece of our game development journey!

The best way to support Trixel Creative is to become a subscriber of trixel+ for a low monthly cost, but, for those who want to support us while getting a few neat merch items... well, this is for you!

We want to create practical, affordable merchandise that offers the coolest way to own a piece of the content and characters we're creating. So, we've curated a few new designs for you to check out, including:

  • Restitched Logo T-Shirt (multiple colors and sleeve lengths)

  • Restitched Jigsaw Puzzle

  • "Stuffy's Craftbook" Themed Notebooks (5 colors + spiral or journal)

  • Stuffy Pin Button

  • Restitched Logo Backpack

  • Restitched x Cpt. Stuffy "Plush Gang" Sticker

  • Restitched "R" Logo Sticker

  • Trixel Creative Logo T-Shirt (front & back)

  • Trixel Creative Logo Mug

  • Trixel Creative Logo Stickers

  • Trixel Creative Logo Spiral Notebook

  • Trixel Creative Logo Pin Button

You can check out this content by visiting our Store page here.

All merchandise is carried out by a third-party service, such as RedBubble and TeePublic. A small percentage of sales profit is returned to Trixel Creative, which goes toward our platforming and project funding.


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