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Discord Server

Features of the Trixel Creative Server
instant + exclusive updates

The #announcements channel receives to-the-second updates! Whether it's a survey, blog post, announcement, or event, be the first to know!

question of the day

Each day we post a brand-new question to our #question-of-the-day​ channel! Answer questions to get familiar with one another and rank up!

leaderboard system

Our server offers a level system that allows for friendly competition and spam prevention! Rank up and receive a special role and icon to really stand out from the crowd!

home to creatives

Our talented team members frequently partake in server discussions, as well as an expansive list of community members from various gaming communities!

events + opportunities

We love to partake in community events! In the past, these have included contests, giveaways, game nights, treasure hunts, and more!

share your creations

The #share channel is the perfect spot to share your creativity! Show off your creations, get feedback, and put an extra set of eyes on your talents and efforts!

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