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welcome to the world of trixel+
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exclusive developer updates

trixel+ is the best way to keep up-to-date with all of our projects, with exclusive behind-the-scenes updates!

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exclusive discord role + icon

stand out from the crowd with a lovely trixel+ role that presents you at the top of the list with a golden name!

exclusive contests

gain access to exclusive contests, where we give away merchandise, vouchers and promo codes!

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wallpapers and graphics

gain access to exclusive wallpapers, featuring content from Restitched and Trixel Creative!

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a slot on our wall of fame

join the many names on our wall of fame, which you can visit by clicking right here.

next month in trixel+

get a sneak peek of the upcoming offerings that will be arriving during the next month of trixel+!

captain stuffy monthly comic

receive a new page of the Restitched-based comic The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy every month.

early access to social posts

view sneak-peeks of select upcoming social media announcements and updates!

early stamp previews

our 'Restitched Stamp Preview' feature is posted one month earlier for our trixel+ supporters!

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social media shout-out

we will personally thank you to our thousands of followers on twitter, instagram, and discord!

early restitched recapped

get two weeks early access to our 'Restitched: Recapped!' features!

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annual celebrations

annual celebrations for trixel+ bring new goodies for everyone, such as bonus content, free posts, and more!

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