about us

an introduction

We are Trixel Creative: a team of talented creators from across the world working together on exciting, creative projects! We have been operating since 2013 and, although you may recognize us from our efforts within several UGC-based video games, we are currently in the process of creating our first ever fully-fledged video game: Restitched!

​Restitched is a passion project from talented community creatives that has been in development since January of 2020. Our goal is to build a new platform for UGC games by offering a robust level editor and share platform - which is being powered by the Steam Workshop. You can join the vast community of subscribers who get exclusive updates into the development of our projects by joining our subscription service, trixel+, which launched in October of 2020! We currently do not have a release date in sight for Restitched​, but keep an eye on our socials for updates!

our accomplishments

Our previous efforts within UGC-based video games have been met with much praise. We have proudly been featured in gamesradar+'s GameMaster Magazine, the UK's #1 multi-format gaming magazine, as well as Scholastic's 2016 edition of Game On! with our creations. ​Our content has also been featured multiple times on official Sony Studios social media accounts (such as @LittleBigPlanet), as well as on the PlayStation Blog. You can read the PlayStation Blog post here.

Game development studios Tarsier Studios and Media Molecule have both openly praised our projects on their social media platforms, and have provided us with brief insights into the development techniques of level design. Additionally, we have been lucky enough to have Sumo Digital employees help out with our projects in their free time, which is an honor we do not take for granted.

​As a result of our closeness with these companies, many of our team members have been personally invited to beta test first-party PlayStation titles. We are incredibly proud of our accomplishments so far, and simply cannot wait to see what the future holds for our upcoming projects!

discord server

We also operate an active Discord server, with a current total of over 2,800+ users! The server is a lot of fun, with community engagement through things such as game nights, contests, and the opportunity to talk to the team. We also host a daily feature called Question of the Day, where we ask a daily question to encourage communication and get to know each other.

The server is often the first place we'll post amazing announcements regarding our team and upcoming projects, so if you're a fan of our team or content, the Discord server is the place for you! It is our one-stop shop for community interaction, and where you'll find us the most active.