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Trixel Creative, LLC

Team Size:

12-20 (varies)

Release Date:




Development State:


Release Platform:

Steam for Windows PC

(other platforms TBD)

Contains logos, renders, concept art, screenshots, icons, graphics, etc.

  • Restitched is a 2.5D UGC (User-Generated Content) game in the puzzle-platformer genre. It is considered an indie title, as there is no third-party publisher. The game is being developed by Trixel Creative for the Steam gaming platform and will first release on Windows PC.

  • Restitched began pre-production development in Q1 of 2020 and was later revealed in June of 2020 with a (now-retired) website post that explained the overall vision for the game.

  • User-Generated Content will be hosted on Steam Workshop and integrated natively in-game. 

  • The level editor is the heart and soul of Restitched and is built around the ability to make platformer levels.

  • There is currently no timeline, pricing, testing details, or release date for Restitched.

  • The game synopsis of Restitched is: 

"A charming 2.5D puzzle-platformer featuring a robust level editor, player-made content, character customization, and more. Follow the story of unlikely hero Stuffy as they travel the world and 'restitch' communities unraveled by greed and tyranny."

  • The development team currently consists of all hobbyists, working on the game as a passion project. This includes every member of Trixel Creative and the owners.

  • Stuffy is the main protagonist in Restitched, and whom the player controls throughout. They are a plush teddy bear that can be customized.

  • Stuffy’s pronouns are officially ‘they/them’ in an effort to be inclusive and emphasize the player’s ability to make the character their own.

  • Avoid comparing Restitched to third-party IPs that Trixel Creative is not affiliated with. Personal opinions and wishes are acceptable to a certain degree - please check with Trixel Creative if you have any questions.

  • Most answers to common questions are answered on our FAQ page. You may also find progress updates, images, and additional info in our monthly Restitched: Recapped! posts.

  • If you include content from Restitched and do not follow these guidelines, we may follow with a copyright takedown notice.

Download Press Kit
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Restitched's success on trixel+ spawned a comic series based within the same fictional universe.


You can catch up with plush pals Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles on their daunting adventures in the Patreon comic series, 'The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy'.

Key Art - Square v2 small.jpg

Beginning in November 2021, Restitched has documented nearly every month of recent development in a series called 'Restitched: Recapped!'.

You can find exclusive development news, images, interviews, insights, and more in the free posts here.


Trixel Creative (legally known as Trixel Creative, LLC) is a remotely-operated team of creatives located worldwide. We unite online to do what we love: create. Trixel Creative has been around since August 2013 but was officially established as an entity in February 2022.


Currently, the Trixel Creative team operates out of passion with no current financial incentive. Instead, we develop Restitched as an opportunity to learn, improve, and expand our online portfolios while building something for the creative gaming community.

Trixel Creative is made up of around 15-20 volunteers, though this fluctuates. Our team is made up of many talented people who specialize in various mediums, such as programming, 3D art, 2D art, graphic design, writing, music, video editing, etc.


In January 2020, a few team members from a previous project decided to join together in order to create a new video game for PC, with the goal being a 2.5D UGC (User-Generated Content) platformer. We wanted to build a game that was easy to play and fun to customize - whether it be your character or the world around you. While we were inspired by many games in the 2.5D and UGC genres, we knew we wanted to put our own unique twist on things.

In June 2020 we officially announced the new project, titled "Restitched". This was announced to our small community via a website blog post which featured renders of the main character, Stuffy, as well as various outfits that they can be equipped with. We teased an in-game screenshot at the time, but the purpose of this initial reveal was to garner more attention in hopes of finding more assistance with development.

After our initial reveal captured a significant amount of attention, we got busy properly building the game and exploring the directions we wanted to take it. This meant going through several redesigns, concept phases, and more. Around this time we launched our trixel+ subscription service (on October 3, 2020) which allows us to finance asset licenses, host online storage, pay for our website plans, and inquire about legal advice for incorporating an LLC. These funds continue to prove to be extremely useful for our development and overall platform.


The trixel+ service allows us to share in-depth essays regarding the development of Restitched, such as the creative processes behind creating Stuffy, the logo, branding, mechanics, assets, and more. This feature is called 'Restitched: Developer Diary'. We aim to release these frequently on the platform, with select posts being released for free each year.


We also publish the popular monthly 'Restitched: Recapped!' feature that offers an insight into the previous month's development of the game (launched in November 2021 and available 1 week earlier on trixel+), along with 'Restitched: Asset Preview' features that showcase a various usable assets from the game (launched July 2021 and available 1 month earlier on trixel+).

While we struggled to get a running start, we eventually made our way into a new "
First Look" reveal at the game itself. This new reveal, again, took the form of a blog post and was showcased in February 2021. The post, for the first time ever, featured early in-game screenshots, as well as a look at scenes built with the in-game level editor.

The February 2021 reveal further propelled interest, allowing us to take on new talent. For several months we planned more of the game, restructured the development workflow, redesigned the main character and brand design, built new core mechanics, created signature promotional art, hosted community contests and events, and eventually reached a strong enough point to create new scenes and launch our official Steam Store page in September 2021. The Steam page launch was a huge milestone for us as it showed the game properly for the first time, and most accurately represented our goal for the final product.

In October of 2021, we launched 'The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy': a comic series set within the fictional universe of Restitched that follows two children's imaginations, Charlie and Eloise Dior, as they play with their Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles D. Duck dolls. A new page is posted monthly, exclusively on trixel+.

Throughout the end of 2021 and into 2022 we became very busy striving for our long-anticipated Reveal Trailer milestone. This was the biggest milestone of ours to date and is the first time proper gameplay footage for Restitched was shown. Along with the trailer premiere, the Steam Store page for the game was updated with new screenshots and information.

...and then we made this Press Guide!

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REVISED MAY 09, 2023
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