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The Benefits of Trixel Creative

Although we are currently not-for-profit, we love to give back to our team as much as we can.

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complimentary benefits

We offer complimentary access to our content for team members. This means free access to both the beta and retail version of Restitched, the game's Soundtrack​, and any potential downloadable content​.

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health and wellness

Our team is our family. We provide mental wellness resources via the Team Portal, and frequently carry out check-ins to ensure we're working in a manner and pace that's best for everybody.

online collaboration

Trixel Creative is based entirely online via platforms such as Discord, OneDrive and Trello - so we have no limits in regards to office space. No matter where you are in the world, Trixel Creative has a place for you.

private team channels

The Trixel Creative role on our Discord server is given to all members and provides access to our private channels where team discussions take place.

trixel+ team access

Members get instant and free access to 'trixel+ team access', a version of trixel+ that includes all the dev diaries, comic pages, wallpapers, and other content that is usually reserved for trixel+ subscribers!

team portal

The Team Portal on our website provides members with everything a member of Trixel Creative may need. This includes access to various resources, assets, information and guidelines.

experience in the field

We are all hobbyists at Trixel Creative - working on our projects because we are passionate about them. A huge benefit is added experience for portfolios, helping to prepare our team for future careers in the field.

connect with our linkedin

We've set up a company page on LinkedIn, which allows members to add their experience with Trixel Creative to their online résumés and provide links to their work.

Open Roles

We're currently working through a backlog of applications and do not send rejection emails.

If not contacted for acceptance, we may hold your application to be called on at a later date.

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