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Introducing the Restitched 'Key Art'!

We've just concluded our five-day-long community event, whereby Trixel Creative community members across the web and social platforms had the chance to participate in an exciting scavenger hunt activity! Two puzzle pieces containing a fragment of the full artwork were hidden each day across the website (with hints). We saw so many of you finding and submitting these hidden pieces at the speed of lightning... great work, guys! Since the 'Restitched Key Art Scavenger Hunt' event has just ended with all pieces being discovered by our lovely community, we couldn't be more excited to show it off everywhere and talk a bit about it below!


The Restitched key art is truly the ultimate face of the game. The image will be used on storefront pages, physical products and slipcovers, promotional media, thumbnails, and beyond. The purpose of the artwork is to capture the essence of the game no matter where you see it.

The bright and vivid colors draw in focus and create a sense of excitement. The fabric hills, ornamental flowers, cardboard pyramids, tissue clouds, and ribbon walkway are all elements that are true to the crafty aesthetic we've been building. You will also catch a glimpse at some of the story locations we're working on for the game's main adventure.

The key art also very prominently features an all-new Stuffy! The new model was not a decision taken lightly and we were faced with many obstacles while making it happen. Ultimately, we agreed that it was the best decision to make and we're very satisfied with the final results! This new version of Stuffy was built with optimization in mind, both for gameplay and graphics. Stuffy is now shorter, squattier, and 'softer around the edges'. As a result of this change, Stuffy is much more teddy-bear-like and stands out on their own as a unique protagonist character. They will also be easier to control and animate for gameplay... plus they're just reeaally cute!

The Restitched brand design style also had a makeover, which you may have noticed with the new logo! We'll be rolling out the new style and updating existing media over time. Additionally, we're still working to readapt old cosmetics to the new Stuffy model, so please 'bear' with us as we provide updated outfit renders going forward!


The key art has been in development for months now, with initial concepts being pitched as far back as last year. As we were developing the game, we noticed that we were approaching the stages of development where it's more important than ever to put a visual face to the game. By creating this front-end visual identity that captures the vibe and magic of Restitched, we're all able to get a better understanding of what sort of thing we've been making.

The key art has been an entertaining (and at some points challenging!) process that was only made possible by our BEYOND talented team of creatives! The key art's first concept was sketched out by the team's graphic designer, Halston, after which the details and reference images were sent to our very talented concept artist, Ari, who really hit the nail on the head by conceptualizing different compositions and styles to make the key art truly unique.

After the conceptual stages, the task was then passed onto our astronomically-talented Lead Modeler, Ozy (3DreamE). Ozy took the concepts and ran with it, creating a beautifully modeled and rendered scene, complete with details like frayed fabric hairs and gorgeous multi-point lighting. The final composition of the rendered layers, color correction, and polishing were done by our graphic designer Halston as the artwork was composited into various aspect ratios and sizes.

​Last, but not least, a special thank you to our team's video editor and musician Renefoetsie for the completed puzzle collage video and the Scavenger Hunt video/music.

Once again, this beautiful new artwork is thanks to a team of very talented and passionate people. With input from basically everyone, it was truly a group effort to shape this image over time.

If you're curious about the in-depth development process of the key art, be sure to keep an eye out for a future Dev Diary post on trixel+ covering the topic!

What are your thoughts on the new cover art? Let us know!


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