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Restitched Contest: 'Style-A-Stuffy'

Announcing the second-ever Restitched contest, 'Style-A-Stuffy'! In this event you'll have the exciting opportunity to add your very own outfit to Stuffy's wardrobe!

How does the contest work?

You will be able to download multiple reference sheets for Stuffy's body proportions. Using both the references and guidelines will ensure a valid entry, and from there your concept will be judged in various categories by the Trixel Creative team. One lucky winner will have their design 3D modeled and imported into the base game, to be shown and used at a later date!

Our very talented Lead Modeler will be overseeing the entire creative process, from setup to execution. They'll be responsible for adapting the winning entry into an actual in-game outfit for our plush pal to wear throughout their Restitched adventures!

What type of entries are valid?

The most important part of a valid entry is that it was created fairly, is unique, and can easily be referenced by our team. As long as you use any of the reference sheets provided by us, your entry should be valid!

Whether you're a digital artist, physical artist, or no artist at all, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to participate! You can choose one or more of our reference sheets to use. Your entry will be valid whether you choose to:

  • print, draw, and color the outline reference

  • digitally draw over the full model reference

If you choose to physically print your contest entry, please use the outlined version of the reference sheet. We recommend taking a clear photo of your page at a flat angle, or you can scan it via a printer or your smartphone's document scan feature.

When does the contest run?

The contest will run from January 9, 2022 until January 26, 2022 @ 11:59pm (CST).

After the submission time, entries will no longer be valid.

How many winners? / What are the prizes?

There will be one chosen winner, with judging taking place within the Trixel Creative team.

The prizes for the winner include:

  • Your outfit design adapted in-game!

  • 'Event Winner!' role on the Trixel Creative Discord server

  • Social media shout-outs

  • Trixel Creative / Restitched stickers via mail

Do you have any advice for entries?

Take your time when creating a concept. This is judged by creativity, not submission speed! We encourage you to review and refine your Stuffy design over time, but don't wait too late to submit!

It's also recommended that you keep functionality in mind, as any good outfit is made up of individual cosmetic pieces that are multi-purpose. However, this is not a requirement and some of the more creative outfit ideas might conflict with this suggestion. :)

Please also be sure to read over the official guidelines included with the resources download!

How do I submit my entry?

We've set up a dedicated site page for the contest, and through it you will find resources, full details, and a contest timer. When you've finished your contest entry, you can submit it by clicking the 'Submit My Entry!' button on the contest page here.

We're very excited to start this contest, and are eagerly looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful, creative ideas our community conjures up! This is your chance to make a mark on the game, and to create an outfit that will be seen and used by players all across the world!

Best of luck!

If you have any questions related to the contest, please contact us.


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