Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Restitched cost? / Will Restitched be free?

We are not yet ready to announce our pricing plan for Restitched. To stay up-to-date on this topic, follow our social media platforms via the links at the bottom of this page!

Can I help make the game?

Absolutely! We're always looking for more talented and passionate creative types to join us in creating Restitched. Be sure to check out the 'Join Us' page to see our open roles!

Will Restitched have online multiplayer?

Online multiplayer is something we are definitely looking into and setting up a framework for in Restitched. However, due to the high technical complexity we cannot yet confirm or deny whether it will be included in the game at launch.

Will Restitched have controller support?

Yes! We're developing Restitched with the intention for players to be able to control gameplay from any PC-compatible controller, if they so wish.

While gameplay should fully work with a controller, the game's "Construction Mode" level editor will not at launch.

​When will Restitched be released?

We still have a very long way to go in terms of developing the foundation of the game (back-end support and level editor) - never mind the additional bobbins that come with a project as large as this!

Our team is very passionate, but we're also hobbyist game developers and artists creating this game as volunteer work... which usually means we have to learn as we go!

​We have no planned release window for Restitched as of yet - but keep your eyes peeled on our official platforms for future news on the matter!

​Where will I be able to get Restitched?

Restitched will be released for PC via Steam, with community creations hosted on Steam Workshop. You can now wishlist Restitched on Steam!

Will Restitched be available on PlayStation/Xbox/Switch?

We currently have no plans to port Restitched to other platforms. Our focus right now is delivering a polished experience for PC!

Will Restitched be available on Mac or Linux?

We should be able to port Restitched to Mac/Linux with additional optimizing and testing, however, it's too early to confirm.

How many layers can you build on in Construction Mode?

There will be 5 available layers to build on in Restitched, not including thinner layers where flat geometry can be placed.

Will there be a beta or early access for Restitched? / How can I test the game?

Yes, Restitched will have multiple testing phases. Our current plan is to offer very selective external QA testing, and eventually a Private Beta.

At the moment we don't have any plans for an Open Beta, but we would love for the community to test the game while building up the pool of user-generated content for other players to enjoy at launch!

Restitched will not enter the Early Access program on Steam.

Will there be support for community modding?

No. In order to keep the in-game pool of user-generated content (UGC) balanced and properly moderated, we will not be supporting third-party mods, nor will we offer a platform to share them on. In this sense, 'third-party' mods refer to custom textures, sounds, meshes, scripts, and anything imported into the game that isn't created within the level editor itself.

This isn't to say that official mod support / tools won't ever be available, but for the foreseeable future it's not something we have the resources to persue.

Wasn't this game cancelled? / Is this a fan-game?

No. Despite the fact that a cancelled fan-game project of ours once shared the same word "Restitched" in its title, this is a completely new and separate project where we are applying our own creative visions. As creators with aligned interests, the Trixel Creative team often derives passion and inspiration from our favorite pieces of shared media. We are only inspired by the 2.5D UGC genre, and we're very excited to create a vision of our own for PC players worldwide!

Can you remove the bear characteristics from Stuffy?

Yes and no. Stuffy's default appearance is a teddy bear, but you can easily change most individual aspects of your character's appearance, or apply other complete costumes altogether.

You will be able to remove or change Stuffy's ears, nose, skin, eyes, and more. However, you cannot change the body proportions (including the snout lump) on Stuffy. This can still be used to your advantage to dress up as different kinds of animals, and it's less obvious with certain skin textures if you wish to avoid the likeness of a bear/animal.

Stuffy is a teddy bear at the base, and, just like in real life with popular plush bears, Stuffy's identity is themed around how they're dressed up. Changing the base of Stuffy would take away from the character's teddy bear identity.

Will Restitched run on my PC?

Because the game is still in development, it's not yet possible for us to determine the minimum and recommended specs required to play Restitched.

We are always being conscious of performance and optimization while working on the game. We want to ensure Restitched is playable to as many people as possible, and so our goal is to have the game run decently on some lower-tier hardware.

​We will have more information on this at a later date, but it's always subject to change throughout development.

Will Restitched have a story mode?

Yes, Restitched is planned to have a full story mode that takes Stuffy on a grand adventure across various themes.

The story mode for Restitched is already planned, with assets being built around its many themes. However, the foundation of the game and level editor will take quite some time to be stable and ready before we can officially start production on the many levels in Stuffy's adventure.

When will I hear more information about Restitched?

We're just as eager as our community to have more Restitched news! We're a team of hobbyist game developers, learning as we go, and we also have many personal life priorities that may sometimes pull focus from Restitched.

Rest assured, we're passionate about the game and we're always working toward the next big goal.

Thanks to community feedback, we're actively exploring ways to be more transparent about the development process while still ensuring the security and integrity of the game and team. We don't want to reveal too much too soon!

​How can I support Restitched?

There are a load of ways to support the project, whether it be moral support, monetary support, or a benefit-based subscription. You can join our Discord server to stay up-to-date on most of the Restitched community chatter, and you can also follow us on our social media to show your support and stay in the loop.

Another great way to show support is to help us cover the base costs that come with the game's development. We're faced with legal registration and platform fees, but none of our community donations benefit any individual on the team since we're currently creating this voluntarily and as a hobby.

If you're the type that enjoys small cost and big benefit, then you can join our Patreon subscription service called "trixel+", where we host a monthly "Restitched: Dev Diary" post that details the behind-the-scenes creation of revealed content.

Finally, the absolute biggest way to support the project is to join the development team itself! If you have a worthy skillset and promising portfolio, head over to the 'Join Us' page and sign up!

Any and all support means the world to us and helps tremendously!

Will Restitched have licensed music?

No. For current legal and financial reasons, Restitched will not feature licensed music. All in-game music is planned to be made by our team's dedicated composer.

Is there a Restitched roadmap?

Yes! We've created a community roadmap for 2022, and you can check it out below:

What sort of logical tools will the game have?

We understand the importance of a strong level editor when it comes to user-generated content games. Because the user-friendly 'programming' side of Construction Mode is so paramount to the game, we're always iterating on it. This is a task that will iron itself out until the late stages of development, as we want to make sure we're building the right tools for creators. We will share more on this aspect of the game at a later stage.

Can I request a feature or suggest an idea?

We love our community, and always enjoy seeing the ideas and speculations that are conjured up! However, we're legally unable to accept proper ideas and feature submissions from the public. We kindly ask that you stick to discussing your ideas with the community, and not to submit them to us directly.

Where can I find the Restitched trailer?

At this time, Restitched does not currently have a public trailer. We understand that the community is eager to see more of the game, and we're right there with you! We're always actively working toward our next big goal in development, and wish to show the game in its best light for a proper reveal. Keep an eye on our official channels for any updates regarding the matter!