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Introducing 'The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy'!

We're beyond thrilled to announce a new monthly trixel+ benefit, The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy - a brand-new comic series that has been months in the making! This will be an exclusive trixel+ benefit, with a new page posted every month! The comic is directly tied into the Restitched universe and will expand on the lore of Stuffy's world!

In this comic series, you'll be taken on a grand adventure with Charlie and Eloise Dior as they play with their new toys: Captain Stuffy and Puddles! The story follows their imagination as they conjure up new friends, foes, and obstacles for their plush friends to encounter. As situations in their real lives change, so do our characters’ situations in the comics!

The comic's story is helmed by Restitched Lead Writer Billy Anderson, with Carter Newman (as well as influence from the Restitched development team). Additionally, the comic is beautifully illustrated by the amazingly talented Ari Munoz Marin, a main concept artist on Restitched!


The first page of the comic will be making its way to you in October 2021 - but that's not all! Because October is trixel+'s first anniversary month, we'll be making the first page free for everyone, as well as releasing a trixel+ exclusive second page the same month! Every comic entry after that will remain trixel+ exclusive (bar free promotional pages).

We look forward to sharing Cpt. Stuffy's first adventure with you next month!


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