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Quarterly Recap | Q2 2021

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

We've been busy bees during this second quarter of the year! The Restitched roadmap is still continuously being worked through, and we're excited to see the game continue to develop after months of hard work. We can't wait to share more when it's ready!

We've made several changes to the Trixel Creative platform lately, and we're now evolving our 'Restitched Roadmap Recap' posts into these general Trixel Creative recap posts - so we can better cover the changes across our platforms!

Website Updates

Whereas we usually work on our website via desktop, we are aware that a large portion of our traffic comes from mobile platforms. You may notice that slight optimisations to the mobile site have been made recently. We've been working around elements in our site viewer to provide a better viewing experience to everyone, no matter the device! You may notice more changes in the future as we continue to carry out these optimisations.

As a result of these changes, we've refreshed our Navigation bar to be more intuitive and easy-to-navigate, with fewer drop-down menus.

These changes include:

  • Trixel Creative Wiki link hidden from Navigation

  • 'Content' drop-down tab removed

  • 'Restitched' added to main navigation

  • 'News Blog' is now 'News'

  • 'Trixel Store' is now 'Store'

  • 'Downloads' have been migrated to 'Store' page

  • 'Support Us!' changed to just 'trixel+', as we drop support for direct PayPal donations (one-time donations can still be made via trixel+!)​

We've also added nationalities to the 'Our Team' page to better define how diverse our incredible team is. You'll find a variety of flags on the page beside each team member's name, showing where they originated from or are currently located at.

Discord Ban Appeals

Our Discord server has been running for over four years now, since 2017! We've hosted many moderators on the platform over the years, and changed our rules and bots along the way. As a result, there are some cases where bans were enforced before timed-bans were put into practice, and there may be situations where members may feel like they should no longer be eligible for a ban.

As a result, we've introduced a 'Discord Ban Appeal' option to our site's Contact Form. Simply select it from the dropdown box under 'Reason for Contact' and state your reason for a ban appeal in 'Comment'. We'll investigate the situation and be in contact ASAP.

New Restitched Merch Designs

If you're looking to snag some cute Restitched merchandise, you can do so by visiting the Store page on our site. Each sale provides funds for our platform and project costs, just like trixel+.

Our most popular item by far is the 'Stuffy's Craftbook' notebook! After the recent Restitched branding redesign, we've gone ahead and updated the design scheme of the notebook while also increasing the number of colors it's available in! Choose from the default pink, or go for a more personalized green, yellow, orange, or blue - just like Stuffy's Craftbook in-game!

The new 'Stuffy's Craftbook' notebook is available right now - in a hardcover design (as pictured), and a cheaper spiral format! We're also introducing a new super-cute Stuffy pin badge, with more exciting merchandise designs hitting the store every quarter!

Restitched's Q2 Recap

The second quarter of the year has brought a lot of important developments both publicly and internally for Restitched! This quarter we revealed the first in-game media for the game, including exciting new screenshots and gifs. To complement this reveal, we updated the 'Restitched' site page and FAQ with new information, renders, and resources.

To fully recap our second quarter, here's a rundown of what we've accomplished so far:

  • Hosted the 'Create-A-Stamp' contest

  • Posted 'Dev Diary: Team Interview' to trixel+

  • Posted 'Dev Diary: Backgrounds' to trixel+

  • Unlocked the previously exclusive post 'Dev Diary: Backgrounds' to the public on trixel+ after a popular vote

  • Hosted a 'Restitched: Key Art Scavenger Hunt' community event

  • Revealed an all-new Stuffy model

  • Revealed an all-new logo and updated design scheme

  • Added a free 'Restitched Media Kit' to our Store

  • Posted Field Guide #2

  • Onboarded new developers

  • Updated 'Logo Evolution' Dev Diary with logo redesign process

We'd also like to extend another extra special thanks and shout-out to our 'Design-A-Stamp' contest winners from April. We saw many talented entries, but our top three winning entries were:

1) "Robo-Stuffy" by PlazmaZX

2) "Grandfather Clock" by Bread

3) "PC-2001" by Grumpy13unny

​We hope to show these gorgeous stamps in-game as soon as we're able to reveal more! Despite the unfortunate retirement of Tri-Expo (where we would usually reveal our development) we are still working to showcase more of Restitched later in the year as originally planned!

More Exclusive Content on trixel+

For only $2 per month you can support Trixel Creative and the Restitched project, while also getting exclusive behind-the-scenes updates and early announcements to select posts! Our Developer Diaries are often filled with a step-by-step process and developer interviews. In fact, this very post was a timed-exclusive on trixel+!

When you subscribe, you instantly gain access to all of our previous posts, so why not sign up today?


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