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Quarterly Recap | Q2 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Welcome to the second Quarterly Recap of 2022! A bit of a shorter recap this month, as the majority of our creative focus had been on the Restitched Reveal Trailer. Without further ado, let's dive in!

New Positions Open

In April of 2022, we opened a new position for the team: Motion Graphics Designer! This role is responsible for animating designs to be used in promotional videos and eventually in-game assets, something we've needed increasingly as time went on.

In May, we also opened up a position for Discord Moderator for our Trixel Creative Discord server! This role allows people to guide server members to important resources and on-topic channels while answering community questions, as well as moderate content on the server. This position is still open if you are interested!

Trixel Creative members get a plethora of exclusive benefits, such as trixel+ team access, the team portal, health and wellness resources, experience in the field, and more!

Ever wondered if you can help out with the development of Restitched or community moderation? Check out our 'Join Us' page to see all of our available positions!

Developer Livestream Timelapse

Remember the Developer Livestream from Q1 2022? Well, now it is here in short form! Were you interested in the content but didn't want to sit through a four-hour video? This video is for you - shortening the steam into a bite-sized two minutes! This video also featured a full song from the Restitched soundtrack titled 'Hi-Hat Hokum'.

You can check out the timelapse here.

Dev Diaries, Recapped, Stamp Previews, and More!

We aim to release a Dev Diary/Trixel Diary feature, Restitched: Recapped! post and Stamp Preview every month, and this quarter was no exception!

We kicked off Q2 with another installment of the Trixel Diary. This time we took a personal approach, looking into the journey of Trixel Creative co-owner and lead writer of Restitched, Billy. This post explores his creative path and details what led him to the point where he is today.

We then finished the Diary entries with 'Team Workflow' and 'First Steps' - the former detailing how our team sets about working on the project, and the latter showcasing the development and planning that took place towards Restitched within the first few months of development.

You can read these Dev Diaries below:

  • Trixel Diary | Billy's Journey

  • Restitched: Dev Diary | Team Workflow

  • Restitched: Dev Diary | First Steps

The triple-threat that was March, April and May's Recapped! was outstanding - three of our most productive months to-date! Check them out by checking out trixel+ or the News section of our website!

We also released three more Stamp Previews this quarter: Peanut Butter Jar, Eiffel Tower, and Sarong Body. These three Stamps highlight the diversity within the Stamp designs, allowing potential creators a peek into what their future creative endeavors may be!

Stuffy Says Rights

In June, in order to celebrate Pride Month, we released a brand-new drawing of Stuffy holding a pride flag and donning an asexual pride flag. The response to this sketch has been amazing, and we love our diverse, progressive team and community. 🌈

This month is very near and dear to our hearts, as many of our team members are proud to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Trixel Creative was founded on expression, love, and diversity, so we believe that everyone has the right to be themselves and love who they want! 🧡

We also released a statement regarding our stance on the latest ruling of the Roe Vs Wade case. As stated above: "though some may say it's not our place to comment on such things, we felt we needed to share our feelings in this worrying and uncertain time".

The Continuing Tales of Cpt. Stuffy

We also released three new pages of our comic, The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy! These pages explore the beginnings of Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles' relationship, and sets up their adventure, which will properly begin next quarter.

Teasing The Trailer

On July 28th (or 27th for trixel+ subscribers) we teased what we all know now to be the Reveal Trailer! Speculation ran wild at the time, and we all eagerly anticipated your reactions to the trailer itself... which would come in Q3! 👀

...That's All For Now!

There we go! What a productive quarter Q2 was! What will we get up to in Q3? See you next Quarter for another Quarterly Recapped!


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