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Restitched: Recapped! | January 2022

Updated: Aug 27


This post was made available on trixel+ two weeks early!

Howdy, everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of Restitched: Recapped! In this entry, we'll be looking over the developments that took place towards Restitched in January of 2022!

January 2022 proved to be a busy month for us all. You're in for a very long read! So, without any further ado, let's jump in!

Committing To Our Code

This month, Restitched received 50+ new commits to the code! Changes include bug fixes, beginning to implement our Automation System that was outlined in November 2021's Recapped!, other features that have been outlined below, and stuff that we cannot yet reveal! How exciting!

Don't Lose Your Head, Stuffy!

This month, the lovely Michael F. created some new animations for Stuffy! Here's a funny joke they sent to the devs when creating push animations!

...and here is an actual image of the new push animation!

Hazardous Hazards and Respawning R... Uh... Places!

Our wonderful Ari drew up some lovely concept art for in-game Hazards, as well as what a Checkpoint may look like in our level editor ('Construction Mode').

During this time, Matt, Billy, and DeRose discussed alternate names for Hazards, such as Traps, Snares, Pitfalls, Perils, and Risks. We've yet to fully settle on a name for them as of yet, though.

Ari wrote about these Checkpoint concepts in the Restitched Development Discord server, stating: "I've mainly used abstract shapes since it's the editor view, and you guys talked about glowing nodes and stuff like that". We did indeed talk about glowing nodes, but that's a discussion for another time!

2022 Style-A-Stuffy Contest

On January 9th, we launched our first-ever Style-A-Stuffy competition! For this challenge, we asked our community to submit original outfit concepts for our plush little fellow! We were so blown away and impressed by your responses - so much so that we ended up picking four winners instead of one! You can see the winning entries below, in all of their glory:

Congratulations to Darbot, Mélissa EMERY, BLUE KiWi and AmberKat! Thank you again to everyone that submitted designs, or discussed them on our official social platforms!

Which outfit is your favourite? Let us know by commenting below!

Listen To Your Heart

trixel+ subscribers will know that this month we released a 'Listen To Your Heart' Wallpaper that features a brand-new render of Stuffy donning some bearydistinct headphones! This model (and original Wallpaper concept) was created by the lovely Matt. Let's take a look, shall we?

A Background Fit For A Pharaoh

In January, our Lead Modeler DeRose started blocking out the Egyptian-themed background that we teased in the official key art that was released last year. This background is still very early in development, so don't draw your conclusions just yet!

Our Filters Are Pretty Ace

Lead Modeler DeRose also submitted some concepts displaying the effects of certain filter effects that could be utilised within Restitched. 'ACES' is what is being displayed in the image below, and stands for Academy Color Encoding System. This is a tone-mapping process that is usually reserved for motion pictures, but can be utilised for games, too!

A Bucket-Load of New Materials

On January 14, Halston imported loads of new Materials in-game, including 30 new Stone materials (with 20 more to implement later!), and half a dozen new Lumber ones. There are a whopping 200+ more new materials that are planned to be imported into the game this year!

Moving Violations

In January, Michael tackled some of the nitty-gritty technical code. Here, we see that he implemented the ability to move an Object or Material's layer position while also keeping all assigned Ornaments as a part of that 'LevelObject'!

It sounds like standard practice, but we are constantly having to work on little things like this in order to get the game to run as you would expect it to.

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of... Footsteps?

In our quest to fill your ear-holes with delightful noises, Michael has been working on Restitched's sound systems. In January, this focused on implementing sounds for the background ambience, UI, and to Stuffy's feet as they walk!

Cracking Up

Halston was busy this month creating distressed-looking Stamps for all of your run-down, apocalyptic needs! This set includes cracks, rips, tears, and more! Here's a sneak-peek:

Cpt. Stuffy Progress

As per usual, January saw the development towards yet another page of Cpt. Stuffy! Below is a teaser for the page that was released this month (February). Sign up to trixel+ to see the full, finished page, as well as all previous pages!

Stitching A Sewing Machine

Our lovely Cade crafted an intricate vintage sewing machine for us in January. What world will this be a feature of? You'll have to find out!

The above image is a first-pass of texturing, hence why the writing is backward on the right image. This model is inspired by the vintage Singer sewing machine from the early 20th century - which, coincidently, is the very sewing machine that Lead Writer Billy's Grandmother used to own!

Cubed In

This month, Carter created (and Halston imported) a Puzzle Cube into Restitched! This may seem a bit familiar to those of you that are aware of a certain desk toy from the 1980s.

You can view the process of the model being imported in-game below:

No Problem to See Here!

Halston ran into an interesting bug this month, as it was discovered that if you wear Animal Eyes then they don't show up unless you're really far away, or behind Stuffy. DeRose has stated that this is probably a bounding issue, and will be investigating...

...and there we are!

WOW! What a month January was, hey? It was truly jam-packed with content. If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading! See you soon!


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