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Restitched: Recapped! | June 2022


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Hello and welcome to another Restitched: Recapped! An exciting month this time, as we look into the beginnings of development for the Reveal Trailer that was published in July, as well as many other fascinating tid-bits!

Committing To The Code

In June, 697 Commits were made to the code - just behind the all-time high of 713 per month from April this year! These commits were largely made in the first half of the month as we geared up for the aforementioned Reveal Trailer!

Press Guide + Media Kit

With all large project updates, we try to provide our community with new assets and information. This time around, we thought we'd go big! In preparation for the Trailer we uploaded a comprehensive Press Guide page and Media Kit download!

The goal of these two resources is to educate the community, journalists, content creators, and more on the game's history and representation guidelines. If you're interested in covering Restitched or would like to download a truckload of Restitched assets (icons, Stamps, backgrounds, Stuffy renders, etc.), then check it out here!

The Trail to The Trailer

Even with the gameplay and assets in the game, we still must artistically combine them and create new scenes to show the game in its best light. In order to do this, Halston got to work on creating all sorts of new levels and scenes for screenshots and videos. We ended up with loads of footage!

Before the trailer could be scheduled to premiere, we needed a thumbnail for it. Did we want to use existing key art, a new Stuffy render, or something else entirely? We settled on two versions, one with the classic sitting Stuffy and another with a newer render of the Needle 'n Thread. You can see below which version won the team vote!

We utilize team voting a lot when it comes to decisions like this!

Website Updates

Leading up to our reveal trailer, we updated our website to include the new information that would soon go live! We refreshed all screenshots, added new graphics elements, and even added a new section to explain Stuffy's moveset!

Most importantly, we attached the Reveal Trailer embed itself so that site visitors can check out the game in all of its moving glory!

Fine-Tuning The Bear: Part II

With the trailer tasks mostly completed, it was time to refine the visuals. Climbing is one of the last things we worked on due to its need for animation and a lack of animators on our team. We have plans to refine several of Stuffy's movement animations, and we also have ambitious plans for expanding and refining climbing!

Though the Needle 'n Thread has been functional for a long time, it was never properly dressed with visuals. We're still working on this and plan to improve the way it looks. However, for trailer purposes we didn't have time to polish it up.

Jvyden spent some time creating a visual 'breadcumb' trail for Stuffy so that we can see exactly how their movement behaves. For example, if walking up a slope looks jittery and we see bumps on the debug line (shown below), then we know it's a movement issue and not an animation one!

Additional work on Stuffy's move-set took place, including the way they attach to ledges when climbing.

Fitting Stuffy's Wardrobe

The Wardrobe page now has mannequin-based icons, so that you can see just how a cosmetic item will look on your character before ever trying it on! We looked at lots of different options for the Wardrobe UI, but we felt this gave a more practical way to dress up. Cosmetic angles can be tricky to get right, so some extra time went into perfecting the angles for each category of cosmetics!

Teasing The Trailer

What's more exciting than the first trailer for a project?! Not much, if you ask us (well, besides the game release itself)! To build a bit of hype and mystery, we wanted to tease to our community that we've been working on a trailer.

Billy asked Carter to design a film director's chair with Stuffy's name on it. The hope was that our community would associate this with a video and guess that a trailer was on the horizon!

Unwrapping Some Pressies!

We love a good Prop! They're so useful and versatile, especially in Restitched with the ability to turn them into Ornaments. We created a task list with all of the models we thought could be useful for the themes shown in the trailer, and Kyran and Cade got to work on modeling, unwrapping, and texturing them!


Halston started importing the new models, turning them into usable in-game Props. This happens almost every month, but never stops being exciting to see new content in-game!

Attic Attributes

We've been keeping the attic theme a secret for a long time now, but we're happy to finally reveal it! A lot of concepts and love went into this theme. It actually took the longest of any background we've made thus far! Below you can see some images of its development and the background in-game.

Cpt. Stuffy Progress

As per usual, another issue of Cpt. Stuffy was published in June! This issue features one of the most vibrant panels to date - and you can see the rough-sketch of that panel below!

Some Lovely Images

Carter created this lovely little Medieval-inspired scene to stretch his creative fingers!

Ozy says "help him"

And that's it for June!

Thank-you for reading this June edition of the Restitched: Recapped!, and apologies for its delay! July is still scheduled to come out this month - so you get two-for-one! Until next time!


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