Restitched: Recapped! | March 2022


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Welcome back to Restitched: Recapped! March has been one of our most productive months yet, with loads of bug fixes, entire new feature additions, various polish work, future concepts, and more! So, let's get started, shall we?

Committing To The Code

As per usual, let's go through the commits made to the code last month. In March, 197 commits were made to the code - one of the highest since we started the Recapped! series! Development is really picking back up now after our break in February, and we couldn't be happier. In fact, spoiler alert, April is already a whopper!

Squishing Squishing Bugs

Michael discovered a bug this month where Ornaments were being squished when scaled and fixed it expeditiously! This screenshot posted by Michael shows the editor from a rare side-view! OoOh!

Spreading The Love... or Materials

This month, Michael implemented smearing Materials while cloning them! As you can see below, Michael created the object on the right by smearing the object on the left. It's little features like this that will ultimately prove extremely helpful while creating levels but aren't obvious to implement at first.

This is why it's so important that we are all creators, too: we know what tools fellow creators love to have!

Crafting The Craftbook, Part I

As we continue to refine Craftbook pages, Halston created a mock-up for the Background and Level Settings page. As you can see below, this never-before-seen page includes such features as Shadows, Time of Day, Fog Tint, Sky Colour, and more. These features aren't in-game yet, and this is only an artist's interpretation of the way it might work!

You may notice a couple of the Backgrounds have been censored - these are for areas that have yet to be announced/revealed! Also, fret not, there will be more Backgrounds than the ones listed here planned to be in the final game - we've just yet to create them! There's still so much we've yet to reveal, and we can't wait to share!

Strike A Pose!

In March, Ozy made it so that the camera zooms in on Stuffy when placing Stamps on them. Additionally, Stuffy will A-pose to make it easier to Stamp! What a poser! Here's a screenshot of placing a bowtie Stamp on Stuffy:

Logistical Implementations

Michael and Halston worked on implementing the UI for Logic (previously referred to as 'Automation System'). Halston provides the concepts for the Logic, and Michael works on coding them into the game. As you can see below, Logic will be on an 'overlay', so as not to clutter levels themselves.

More progress was made on the Logic system in April, so we can't wait to share these developments!

Turning Heads

Ozy added a head tracking toggle to Stuffy, allowing them to follow the mouse cursor! Rotation limits are still being developed though, as currently, Stuffy can snap their neck. Something tells us this isn't quite on theme for Restitched... 😳

Materials, Materials, and more Materials...!

Working towards our aim of adding over 200 Materials into the game in 2022, Halston imported several batches of new materials, some of which you can see below!

What will you create with these Materials? A Dragon's Lair? A mythical cave? We can't wait to find out!

...and when we can't figure out the name for a type of fabric, we do what we must:

Stamped Out

In March, Carter made some brand-new Stamps and shared some mash-ups in the development channel. You can preview some of these below!

Modelling Models

This month was a busy one for Models as Kyran made some Paint Tubes and a Mannequin, Cade modelled Blueprints and textured them along with Paint Tubes, PVA Glue, and a Ball of Yarn (which was featured last month)!

Additionally, Halston imported more models into the game, which were also created by Kyran and Cade, as well as Carter... and yes, that is Stuffy's slightly-terrifying blue skeleton shining through! 💀

Crafting the Craftbook, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Halston created a concept of a potential new Craftbook 'page' selector UI. This will allow for several pages within each Craftbook category, which is essential for organization.

This can also be seen in the new popup Settings Panels design to the left of the image.

Elementary, Dear Stuffy

Ozy created a render for Detective Stuffy at Billy's request, which is the same render seen in the latest batch of trixel+ exclusive and free wallpapers, as well as the website's 404 page (which you can view here).

Ozy had to 'weight paint' the outfit to Stuffy for this render, of which he stated:

Weight painting is making parts of a mesh follow specified bones of the [Stuffy] rig. It's 'painting' since its done on a 0 to 1 gradient scale. I paint directly on the vertices so the less polygons, the easier it is to paint.

If you want to view these new free Wallpapers for yourself, you can do so by visiting the brand-new 'Media and Wallpapers' page on the Trixel Creative website here.

Advancing the Story

Additionally, Billy and George worked on some very exciting Story developments this month. Some changes were made to the overarching story and character motives and, though we can't show anything story-related yet, here is a concept created by Carter for a character called 'Jean Éclair'! Jean is from a scrapped 'French Bakery' theme and unfortunately is not currently planned to be in the game.

Fan Art Requests

Want a spot on next month's Restitched: Recapped!? Be sure to send in any fan art you may have, and we'll feature it in the next issue!

And That's March!

Thank you so much for reading this month's edition of Restitched: Recapped!. We've teased April's quite a bit throughout, and we can't wait to share this with you - but we hope you enjoyed this edition nonetheless! Until next time!


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