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Cpt. Stuffy


Cpt. Stuffy is an old-timey pirate, sailing the seven seas and searching high and low for treasure. Only, it's not always that easy. There be plenty of troubles out there, m'lad...

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Puddles D. Duck


Puddles D. Duck is Cpt. Stuffy's bashful side-kick. Often falling face-first into trouble and bringing Cpt. Stuffy with him, Puddles' infrequent spurts of confidence might just save the day.

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The Diors


Charlie and Eloise's imaginations contain the very world that Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles reside in. Their every fantasy becomes reality, and each choice they make could be the difference between danger or triumph for their Stuffies.

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Dive deeper into the Restitched universe by experiencing the daunting adventures of Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles from the imaginative minds of brother-sister duo Charlie and Eloise Dior.

Issue #1 is now available!

You can catch a new page of Issue #2 each month, only on trixel+.

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