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Introducing "Restitched", a UGC Platformer Game!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

This is an archived post from our old website platform. Some elements have not been transferred.


At the heart of Trixel Creative is a team of learners, players, and creators. United by a passion to create, and an admiration of platforms that allow others to do the same, we've been gathering creative minds and talents from across the world. The result of their hard work and talent has led us to the creation of Restitched, a 2.5D, UGC platformer game with a charming art style and robust creation tools, seamed together by ambitious plans and all-around fun. Trixel Creative isn't just developing a game for the community... we are the community!

We are on the hunt for even more creatives to join the cause and help us build this ambitious new project. You can find more details on that at the bottom of this post!

Please keep in mind that this is an early preview into a new project from Trixel Creative and its incredibly talented team of developers. Due to the early nature of the game, there are bound to be many changes and improvements over the course of development.

Anything you see here may not be representative of the quality or content of the final product.

Introducing Stuffy

Handmade with love, Stuffy is an adorable crafted bear with a knack for adventure and a passion to create... and did we also mention that Stuffy absolutely loves to play dress-up?

Stuffy as a character is unique and charming, but is also a blank canvas. With no preset gender or permanent characteristics, every costume piece and outfit will react differently with the player model.

​The best thing about our little friend is that their signature bear look can change to much more, allowing your character to become various animals and characters by removing and/or swapping a few of Stuffy's characteristic bear features.

Chock-Full Wardrobe

Using the collectible giftboxes you've picked up throughout your gameplay in the adventure mode, you will be able to adorn Stuffy with a unique look fit just to your liking!

​You can choose from a wide variety of pre-made outfits, transforming Stuffy into something like a wolf, a dragon, a posh bee, a rancher, etc. You can even mix-and-match individual collected cosmetic pieces to create your own favorite look.

With many individual costume pieces, full outfits, and access to decals and ornaments, the possibilities for player customization toddle toward never-ending!

Construction Mode

At the heart of every good User-Generated Content (UGC) game is a robust editor! Restitched is no different, and that's why we're busy creating our own robust level editor called "Construction Mode". In this area of the game, you will be able to construct your own levels and creations to share with others.

Construction Mode will offer all of the inner-tinkering needed to build your own experiences, just as we are with the game's full Story Mode. Every Construction Mode tool and feature at our disposal are the same ones any player can use to conjure up their own masterpieces with. Place down logic, materials, toys/objects, ornaments, decals, and lots of other asset types.

You can use the Construction Mode as a fun sandbox to mess around in with friends (or solo), or use it as a serious creation tool to make well-thought-out masterpieces with. Every community-made experience will drive the game forward, and we're really excited to see what people will make with it!

Construction Mode is the largest task our team has ever taken on with any project, and we want to really get it right. This robust editor is the foundation of Restitched, and, because of this, we aren't quite ready to reveal our plans for it just yet. Just know that when we are ready to show and tell you more, we absolutely will... and are very eager to!


A large part of your Restitched experience will be based around the "Craftbook". Think of the Craftbook as Stuffy's personal catalog/journal, and your personal inventory. The Craftbook is filled to the brim with pages and sections full of options, settings, tools, construction materials, useful resources, features, and more.

The Craftbook takes on different roles depending on whether you're accessing it while playing, or from Construction Mode. To make sifting through the vast amount of content much quicker and more efficient, we've added a very special search tab that will allow you to find anything and everything you may need to customize your levels and experience in Restitched.

Adventure Mode

One of the many worldwide themes you'll explore in our story/adventure mode is The Rolling Acres, which is a quaint farmstead situated somewhere in the rural south of the United States. What Stuffy will get up to in this theme, who you will help, and the overarching story plot is something we are not ready to share just yet! Until then, most of the reveal content you see here takes place in the Construction Mode background for the farm theme, and some assets for the theme may pop up here as well.

Our focus is on the foundation of the game and the level editor that allows us to build this playable story, which will also serve as a living, breathing example of Restitched's Construction Mode capabilities. By playing through our adventure you will see first-hand how the editor can be used in different ways to make a fun challenge, an engaging story, or something else entirely. We will also be loading your Craftbook with new cosmetics and Construction Mode assets as you collect Gifts (in the form of Gift boxes) in the story levels themselves.

The entire game will be playable with your choice of either a mouse and keyboard setup, or a compatible controller. However, you may find that Construction Mode offers unique advantages to the full range of controls only available with a mouse and keyboard setup.

...There We Are!

Now that we've introduced Stuffy and Restitched, we bet you have a lot of questions!

To answer the most popular question:

We don't 100% know the distribution plan for the game yet, since development is very early right now! Distribution includes monetization and the platform in which it will be published on. However, we can say that we are trying to work with Steam's SDK tools in mind!

Beyond what we've just announced here, we aren't ready to share more yet. Be sure to keep an eye out for any future news and announcements. Otherwise, you know everything so far based on what you've just read here!

You can find us on many social platforms, but our most active and engaging platform is our official Discord server. If you'd like to check out what's going on with our projects, chat to your heart's desire, or want to partake in community events, then our Discord server is the place to be!

Want to support Restitched and our platform?

You can find the "trixel+" tab in the site's navigation menu. Restitched is an original project, so any donations can be used to cover potential engine plugins and assets needed for development, storage space to host project files on, domain fees for our platform and website, and more. Donations never go toward any one person, and are not taken as personal profit. They always go toward benefiting our platform and future! :)


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