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Quarterly Recap | Q1 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This post was available earlier on trixel+!

Welcome to the first Quarterly Recap of 2022! We rarely have a quiet quarter at Trixel Creative, and this quarter is no exception. So, without further ado, let's see what we got up to from January to March of 2022!

Style-A-Stuffy Contest

We kicked off the year with an exciting Style-A-Stuffy competition on January 9, where our fabulous community members could send in their wardrobe suggestions for our little fabric friend!

The contest ended on January 26, with the Darbot, Mélissa EMERY, Blue KiWi, and AmberKat's submissions ultimately being chosen! They all received several physical Trixel Creative and Restitched stickers, as well as 'Event Winner!' roles in our Discord server. Most importantly, though, their designs will become part of Stuffy's wardrobe in-game to be used upon Restitched's release!

We can't wait to see what these amazing entries will look like in-game!

Road To The Future

In January we revealed our 2022 Roadmap for Restitched! This new roadmap graphic covers our planned events throughout the year so that our community knows what to keep an eye out for! This time around, the roadmap features a slight visual update to more clearly indicate which features are trixel+ and which are recurring monthly.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to reach all of our goals for the first quarter of the year, as we were busy with other new and exciting Trixel Creative milestones! However, we're cooking up something especially appetizing!

Developer Diaries and Restitched: Recapped!

This quarter saw the introduction of the Trixel Diary into our Dev Diary series, with 'Trixel Diary | Logo Evolution' being published on January 20, 2022. A massive re-write of our 2021 post 'The Merge with T-Games' was also added to the series in the same month, meaning we had a total of four diary posts for Q1 2022 (along with the Restitched: Developer Diary entries in February and March)!

  • Trixel Diary | Logo Evolution - View the complete history of Trixel Creative's logos, from all the way back to 2013! What did our logos look like when we were called Trixel Service? Trixel Studios? All of that is explored within this Trixel Diary.

  • Trixel Diary | The T-Games Merge - This Dev Diary explores how Director Billy become co-owner of Trixel Creative, and the journey that T-Games and Trixel Creative shared before merging in 2019.

  • Restitched: Dev Diary | Asset Import #1 - How do our devs import assets into Restitched? It's a more detailed process than you may think! This Dev Diary oversees how we import Stamps, Cosmetics, Props, and more!

  • Restitched: Dev Diary | Team Workflow This post offers a brief insight into how our team works on tasks for Restitched, from our project management platform to the custom team pages and resources on our website!

Additionally, we've had three exciting new additions to our Restitched: Recapped! series!

  • Restitched: Recapped! | December 2021 - In this Recapped! we looked at Object imports, Hair Card techniques, Floating Element concepts, and more!

  • Restitched: Recapped! | January 2022 - In this Recapped! we looked at Stuffy animations, concepts for Hazards and Checkpoints, new cosmetics, work on the Egypt Background, Ace filters, new Materials, sound design, and more!

  • Restitched: Recapped! | February 2022 - In this Recapped! we looked at the Flipping mechanic, new Materials, Blooming techniques, Prop collisions, new models, and more!

The response to this all-new feature has been amazing, with our community constantly eager to know when the next addition is planned.

Another Free Dev Diary!

...and when you least expected it, there was even more! This quarter we released one of our recent Dev Diary posts for FREE to the community, meaning there are now a total of three free Developer Diaries. This free post was voted on by our trixel+ subscribers:

  • Restitched: Dev Diary | Cosmetic Creation - Take a deeper dive into Stuffy's wardrobe, and learn all about how our team has become one with the needle. This post explores the creation of Stuffy's cosmetics and outfits, step-by-step!

Say Hello to 'Trixel Creative, LLC'

On February 7, we officially became Trixel Creative, LLC. That's right, we've finally taken the massive step to become a company! This is extremely exciting for us and means new legal protections for our projects and members. Nothing will change from the community's perspective - but we're hard at work sifting through a mountain of legal paperwork that's associated with establishing such an entity!

This has been the reason we've fallen a bit behind on our Q1 roadmap goals and why we originally stated we may not be able to provide a new Restitched: Recapped! for February and beyond, but the process has gone by a lot quicker and smoother than we were anticipating!

We'd like to take this moment to thank our trixel+ subscribers - without your generous donations, we would not have been able to pay for the LLC application and state fees, or the various legal advice and documents we've needed. It's no doubt that all of our supporters have built us up and stuck alongside us as we've approached this huge new milestone, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

First Restitched Developer Livestream

On March 12, our wonderful and talented Lead Modeler 'Ozy' (or DeRose!) took to the community in an intriguing YouTube live stream. Remember we said we couldn't wait to see how our Style-A-Stuffy winners' outfits looked in-game? Well, in this stream, Ozy began the modeling process on 'Masked Mage' - one of the four winning Style-A-Stuffy Contest entries!

The community had the chance to interact and influence the development of this new addition to Stuffy's wardrobe, and DeRose kindly held a small Q&A at the end of the stream to address questions about his workflow and the game.

Missed the event? Don't worry - we're working on making the stream accessible in a bite-sized chunk for those that wish to rewatch (or watch for the first time)!

For those of you that managed to tune in - how did you feel about this live event? Would you be interested in more opportunities like it? Let us know!

And here's the result from Ozy's live stream:

Trixel Creative Wiki Overhaul

Did you know we have an official Trixel Creative Wiki? It's true! In March, we overhauled the Wiki to be a lot more user-friendly and navigable.

The Trixel Creative Wiki is your one-stop-shop for in-depth information about Trixel Creative, our projects, our internal workings, and more! If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, why not take a look by clicking here?

New Social Handles

As part of becoming a proper company, we've begun to take steps to streamline our brand both inside and out. Part of this change has been removing the hyphen and updating our social media handles to '@TrixelCreative' rather than '@Trixel_Creative'. This change is reflected across Twitter, Instagram, and our Patreon link!

Restitched: Stamp Preview Posts

We've once again showcased a new Stamp design from Restitched each month this quarter. February was particularly special in this regard, as we provided an extra Stamp Preview for 'Chocolate Pip' just in time for Valentine's Day! That brings Q1's total of Stamp Preview posts up to four!

All-New, FREE, Restitched Wallpapers!

Although the announcement was made on April 1st (falling in Q2), in late March we launched the all-new 'Media and Wallpapers' section on our website, featuring eight brand-new Restitched-themed wallpapers! You can visit this new section by clicking... right here!

Like what you see here? Sign up to trixel+ to gain access to 10+ more exclusive Restitched Wallpapers!

The Continuing Tales of Cpt. Stuffy

After the amazing launch of The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy in Q4 of 2021, we've kept to our promise and launched a new page every month since. This means that, as of April 1st, there have now been 7 pages of The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy released via trixel+, with the first page being free to the public. Those not subscribed to trixel+ can expect another free page this month (April), so keep your eyes peeled! 👀

The response to our brave new adventurers Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles have been phenomenal, and we can't wait for you to see how their adventure unfolds in the coming months. Billy and George have already fully written enough pages to last for the next year and a half...!

Not caught up with the story? You can view the full comic so far on trixel+ here.

Wrapping Up...

Phew, that was a lot! In closing, we'd like to thank you once again for your support in these early stages of building not only Restitched, but also our brand. It's no doubt been an eventful quarter for us internally, with lots of stress and excitement about taking these next steps and reaching the long-anticipated milestone of becoming an LLC.

We'd like to leave off by saying that Restitched and The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy are continuing development throughout the year, with many more milestones ahead! Our small but devoted team is working hard to bring you a game full of charm and creativity, and we hope you'll stick around as we build and share more of it!


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