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Restitched: Road to Alpha

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Game development is a challenging but exciting process. Since January 2020, we've shared our trials and triumphs with it through public posts and Patreon content. Your unwavering support during the journey of making Restitched has been truly inspirational, and your passion and enthusiasm are what drive us to continue our work with determination.

We are now reaching a pivotal point in the game's development - the Alpha milestone. At this stage, Restitched will become playable in all major aspects including the level editor, core gameplay, menus, and the bulk of our art assets. However, there's still much to accomplish, and we're looking for extra help to realize our fullest potential. On our way to this big goal, we'll be touching a few stepping stones along the way...

Restitched Building Test

Alpha may be our big milestone, but a huge part of reaching it is to iterate on what works and what doesn't. As such, we'll be conducting selective and private playtesting of the game's fundamental building features. By hosting early playtesting of these mechanics, we aim to gather valuable feedback to enhance the overall experience as we push forward with new ideas.

This testing phase is still being planned and is expected to arrive in the coming months. At this time, we have no plans for the public to register their interest to be involved - however, later testing opportunities are likely to be available to community members and Patreon supporters. We can't wait to see and share the scenes our testers will make with a few of the game's tools and assets!

Refined Key Art

We're crafting a special experience and want an equally-special image to capture its essence... so, we're excited to announce a refreshed and refined key art for the game! This new promotional image is already live on our Steam Store page, so check it out (and wishlist)!

All-New Trailer

Another major stepping stone goal on our stride toward the Alpha milestone is to share a spectacular new trailer with you. Perhaps the most exciting piece of content we release are trailers, as they show the game in action with loads of exciting new information to analyze. We know how much these mean to you, and we're also quite happy to create them.

It's incredible to think that over a year has passed since we unveiled Restitched's Reveal Trailer! Since then, the game has undergone significant changes, and we can't wait to share all the exciting improvements with you once they're ready. With a brand-new trailer, we aim to showcase fresh content, new features and mechanics, a glimpse of Stuffy's story, and vast improvements from our initial reveal. We've only just begun officially planning, but we're just as excited to see it come to fruition in the coming months!

Trixel+ Freebies

Not only are we sharing these internal plans and goals with you, but we're also unlocking a selection of our formerly-exclusive Patreon content! We've handpicked some of our favorite development posts that we think you'll love. You can now enjoy the following posts - free of charge:

Restitched: Developer Diary

Restitched: From The Vault

Restitched: Soundtrack Preview

The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy

Exclusive Wallpapers

That's a pretty hefty selection of free content! We hope it'll offer a bit more insight into our creative and developmental process. In case you're still not tided over, you can find even more like it by becoming a supporter of our trixel+ Patreon service!

We know waiting can be tough, but don't worry! We're putting all our heart and passion into moving the game forward. We're stoked about where things are headed, and we're hoping to grow our team to reach these goals even faster. Your involvement in our journey means everything to us, and we truly appreciate your support and patience!


If you're passionate about what we're building and have time and skill to spare, consider joining our team to help us reach the next development milestone!

Note: Restitched is a labor of love and is being developed as a hobby. As such, we do not have proper funding and don't offer employment. All of our positions are volunteer-based as independent contracting positions. Should any profit plans be formed, Trixel Creative's contractual obligation to its team is to reward contributors with revenue made from any game sales.


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Sep 16, 2023

I'm following the project since 2018/19 , really can't wait to see it!


Sep 08, 2023

please!!! i want the game!!! i want the game!!!


Aug 06, 2023

I can't wait for this game!!😁


Jul 24, 2023

Looking forward the Restitched and the next stage of development!

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