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Celebrating 3 Years of Trixel+!

October is trixel+ Anniversary Celebration month! For those new to the festivities, we throw a month-long event every October to celebrate the anniversary of our Patreon service. This year we're celebrating three years of trixel+, and can you believe it's already been that long?!

This past year has been huge for us. Since our last anniversary event, we've gone through a complete rebranding, launched the 'Restitched: Asset Preview' feature, refreshed trixel+, launched Monthly Screenshots, were featured on Cubold Cast, and announced plans for Restitched's Alpha milestone and private testing phases, as well as announcing that a new trailer is in the works.

So... what are we going to do to celebrate this year?

We have loads of posts lined up this month, including exclusive reveals, soundtrack previews, development footage, and more. There's truly no better time to be a patron!

You can read all about it on our official (public) Patreon post here:


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