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Return to Carnivalia - End of Service

An update on "Return to Carnivalia" - a project from a former team under the Trixel Creative name: It has recently come to our attention that server changes have severely broken multiple levels throughout the "Return to Carnivalia" adventure, making the full experience unplayable. After a cursory investigation and much deliberation, we've decided that the issue is too severe to fix without the source version of the saved data and without causing cascading effects.

Unfortunately, we are announcing our decision to lock the Return to Carnivalia adventure indefinitely.

(Despite blocking access, there may be instances where the game allows you to load the adventure by mistake. Please note that entering these levels will result in an unplayable, unstable experience and potential user profile issues.)

We've carefully chosen to restrict access to the content rather than deleting it, as our goal has been to preserve the work, statistics, and history of this ambitious project. We're still incredibly proud of the positive impact it's had on the game's community since its launch over five years ago on September 22, 2018. With over 800,000 plays and loads of positive reviews, it has certainly inspired us all to continue creating and sharing!

Those of us from the original team of creators are continually moved and motivated by the projects it's inspired over these past years. We'd like to encourage everyone in the community to carry forward that spirit of creativity and collaboration, bringing even more new stories and experiences to life.

Thank you for playing!

"...and the ever-so-theatrical Carnivalia drifted off into the cosmos, where the inhabitants live in peace once more."

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